About Simon-sama

First off, I’d like to introduce myself to everybody.

My name is Simon, I am 17 right now, turning 18 this November. I am a guy and I live inside my house. I have a father and a mother, five sisters and a grandmother. We all live together in our house located in Cainta, Rizal, that’s somewhere in the Philippines. I am currently staying at home because I can’t afford to go to college, oh yeah, and speaking of college, I am suppose to be a second year mechanical engineering student of Don Bosco Technical College so I’m thinking of this year-long break as a breather for the hard college life inside Don Bosco Tech.

Enough about those, more about me.

If you would allow me, I’d like to describe myself.

I am a guy who has a thing for anime, coffee, computers, cars, technology, and the best part – women. It’s funny I mentioned women because in my lifespan of 17 years, I am mostly surrounded by women. Most of my friends are girls, my siblings are all girls, most of my relatives I’m close to are girls, so basically, nearly everybody in my life are women – except for my dad and uncles and cousins who are guys.

Speaking of anime, I like different kinds of anime. I like Initial D, Wangan Midnight, Ichigo 100%, To-Love-Ru, Ai Yori Aoshi, Love Hina, and lots more, but there is one anime I am very much fond of, Evangelion. I really liked it. It is very innovating and very twisted. I like the way the story goes, from mellow to twisted. I personally would like to thank Hideaki Anno for the work he has done in Eva. I hope to see more of his works.

My love for coffee is a blessing and a curse. I really like going to coffee shops and enjoy a cup of coffee, this what makes it a pleasurable experience, and that what makes it a blessing. It’s a curse because when I go to a place, I really look for a branch of Starbucks or UCC, which in the case of UCC, is a very expensive yet satisfying place for coffee. I like cappuccino and mocha coffee and I would like to try other types of espresso coffee.

Cars have something in them that makes me want to drive one. When it comes to cars, I am very highly knowledgeable, from tuners, to muscles, to exotic, and to other types. It’s funny because I sometimes get into arguments concerning cars and it’s really satisfying everytime I get my way in those arguments.

I may not be a “techgeek” but I know a thing or two about technology. I really have a thing for top notch computers. It is something I’ve always dreamed of having, a powerful computer capable of processing data and highly capable for games, so I wouldn’t spend much money at the arcade center.

I really can’t tell much about myself, people around me may tell more about me. I believe that there are more things that other people see compared to my point of view.

I think it is better for you to know me, so we can finish this page. What do you think?


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