Many thoughts but so little words

First off, i titled this one as such because I am the sort of person who has lots of ideas but is too shy to express it through words, therefore I tend to become more expressive. I am a shy person who would rather do things than say it, it happens a lot.

At times, people would find me talking, but i only talk to people who are familiar to me. I get to share things with them and ask many things about all kinds of sorts.

Then here comes one of my greatest dilemma, I can’t converse well with people I don’t really know, specially if its a girl. I find it very difficult to speak to them. I really don’t know how to talk with them. I can’t even start a conversation! I’ve been having this problem since then, I don’t know how to overcome this great dilemma.

Anyway, it’s good that someone created blogging, and I’d like to thank him because this is a good way to express myself.